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ChromaCast CC-KSTAND Double-Braced X- Style Keyboard Stand
Adjustable arms fit all keyboards
Position disk clutch with bullet
Adjustable playing height 23.5" to 38.5" and adjustable width of 12" to 33"
RockJam Xfinity Heavy-Duty Keyboard Stand
Heavy duty double-x metal construction
Quick-release mechanism
No assembly needed
Stellar Labs 555-13830 Heavy-Duty Keyboard Stand
Price For: Each Weight:: 18.82 lbs.
Hazardous:: No RoHS Comp:: Yes
Length:: 24.5 in. Width:: 23.5 in. Height:: 4 in.

Best keyboard stands

Digital pianos, believe it or not, are more commonly used than grand pianos. For me, it is not hard to believe. They are cheaper and can be used more extensively. When you buy one, it may come with several accessories like stool, pedal, and whatever one may need to use it. However, it is not so common for a digital piano to come with a keyboard stand. That is why you need to invest in the best keyboard stand for you.

A keyboard stand is pretty useful. It can help you adopt a comfortable position when you are playing, your keyboard sits on a support that can handle it, and you can take it with you whenever you have a gig somewhere. Moreover, keeping your keyboard on random supports is not the best idea because it can slide and fall. I guess you do not want to have such accidents.

Types of keyboard stands

A keyboard stand is more than a metal support on which you can position your digital piano. It is designed in such a way that the keyboard sits safely and securely. However, as you may have guessed, there is more than one way to create a keyboard stand. You can choose from the simple x-style keyboard stand that has no accessories and no extra features to more complicated models that come with all kinds of gimmicks that prove to be useful for some people. With that being said, here are your options.

X-style keyboard stands

This is the most common keyboard stand people buy for their digital pianos. They are sturdy, but most people buy this because such a model is cheap compared to other designs. They come with adjustable settings, which comes in handy when you need to play for more extended periods of time. Height is the adjustable part that people make the most use of. Also, you should know that there are single-braced x-style keyboard stands, but double-braced as well. The first kind is ideal for lightweight instruments while the latter is recommended for heavy keyboards. A heavy instrument will need some additional support, which is why you would do best to consider that when you purchase a stand.

Mixer-style keyboard stands

These models are usually more expensive than the previous design, but they do a better job supporting heavy instruments. They come in various designs such as table-like or Z-style, but whichever one you choose, you will like it because they provide more leg room underneath. For people who play a lot sitting down, this is the perfect model. The construction is excellent, and your keyboard could not be more stable than on a mixer-style keyboard stand.

Custom made keyboard stands

While you can purchase a stand that you find on Amazon, you can also buy a custom keyboard stand for your specific model. Since it is custom, the price will be a little bit higher than any other model, but you get a permanent fix. The manufacturer will provide a stable fixation with bolts so that your keyboard would not slip off the stand. Some people buy a custom stand because they want a unique model, but it is all about preference here so you can buy whatever you want.

What to look for in the best keyboard stand

While you can find numerous models out there, not all of them can satisfy your need for practicality and quality. There are a lot of criteria that establish which stand is the best and which is not, and if you do not know what to consider when you make a purchase, take a look at the most important properties a keyboard stand should have.

  • Durable construction – it goes without saying that the stand you want should have a sturdy construction. Depending on how much your keyboard weighs, you should choose a model made of high-quality metal that is properly assembled. The bolts should be well fixated, and a wobbly stand is entirely out of the question. After all, the stand should be as stable as possible to ensure a care-free performance.
  • Always go for the adjustable keyboard stands – unless you choose a custom-made keyboard stand, you should always go for the adjustable models. There is not a stand for every keyboard model, but the available models come with adjustability settings that will allow you to change the height and width so that you can securely position your keyboard. Some models come with only five such settings, while some more expensive have 14 available positions. It depends on how much you plan on spending on your keyboard stand. Also, keep in mind that an adjustable keyboard stand will allow you to use different types of chairs when you play. That is if you play sitting down. The height of the stand, while it may not affect your performance, is essential for your comfort. Width, on the other hand, needs to be adjustable so that it can fit your keyboard perfectly.
  • Do not forget about the non-slip caps – the non-slip caps will prevent your keyboard stand from slipping. If you play only at home, I guess you can find a solution. However, if you play in several locations, then you should know that slippery floors can lead to a disaster. For your stand to be as stable as possible, you need to rely on the non-slip caps I am recommending. Few models come without, but I thought it is worth mentioning.
  • Locking mechanisms – this refers to the stand’s ability to allow your digital piano to be fixated in place so that it does not slip off. This is just as essential as anything else. If you ignore this property, you will soon find out that even the slightest movement will make your keyboard slip off the stand. Even the smallest bump can knock it off, which will endanger its integrity. That is why you need to pay attention so that the keyboard stand of your choosing has some sort of locking mechanism. The most basic system consists of locking straps. They are made of rubber and provide adjustable settings so that they fit your keyboard. This is the most common locking mechanism you will find. However, there are a few others, depending on the model. For example, some mixer-style keyboard stands have the upper side covered with a very efficient non-slip coat that will not allow the keyboard to budge.
  • Foldability – while this is not a must, it can come in handy if you play outside your house a lot. If you are in a band, for example, the stand’s ability to fold will make a difference when you need to go from a place to another. It makes it easier to carry.

There are probably other features that make a keyboard stand the best, but I think I underlined the ones that are most important. Also, I consider that things like color and weight are a preference thing, which only you can decide.

What are the best keyboard stands?

Now that you found out a thing or two about how to choose a keyboard stand, it is time to actually select one. If for whatever reason you are having some trouble finding the right one, below you will see three excellent suggestions that I think you will like. Enjoy!

ChromaCast CC-KSTAND Double-Braced X- Style Keyboard Stand

Click here to buy it on Amazon

The keyboard stand from ChromaCast is one of those models that everyone loves. The model is as simple as it can be, but it is highly efficient, and you will be more than satisfied with its use. Thousands of people have already bought it, and the overall opinion is more than satisfactory. The double-braced design makes it able to hold your digital piano no matter how much it weighs. However, if your keyboard is unusually heavy, then I recommend that you look for a mixer-style or custom made keyboard stand.

The ChromaCast keyboard stand is entirely adjustable so that it can fit all keyboards. Adjustability is achieved using a disk clutch with bullet-nose pull knob. All you have to do is pull the knob and position the stand however you want. You can adjust both height and width. The height goes from 23.5 inches to 38.5 inches, and the width from 12 inches to 33 inches. The 1-inch square double-braced tubing makes this model one of the most stable and durable stands you can find in this price range.

As for locking mechanism, this model features locking straps that will prevent the keyboard from moving while you perform. The end caps have non-slip rubber caps that will maintain the stand’s stability so that you can use it on whatever surface you want. Last but not least, the ChromaCast keyboard stand can be folded flat so that it does not occupy a lot of space in storage. Plus, it is easier to transport that way.

RockJam Xfinity Heavy-Duty Keyboard Stand

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The RockJam Xfinity keyboard stand is somewhat similar to the previous model, except a few traits that make it a little bit more suitable for heavy digital pianos. Even so, you can use it on whichever keyboard you have, light or heavy. The heavy-duty double-x (double-braced) construction ensures maximum stability for whatever keyboard you may have.

Just like the previous model, this stand is also adjustable. However, the adjustability is achieved by using a simple quick-release mechanism that allows you to change the height. The difference from the pull knob is that instead of five positions, for example, you can set your height anywhere between four and 38 inches. So, if you want to play sitting in the lotus position, you actually can.

The RockJam keyboard stand does not require any assembly on your part. The metal parts are welded together, which means that there are no screws that can go loose. The locking mechanism consists of high strength straps that will hold the keyboard in place. This model too features non-slip rubber caps for more stability on slippery surfaces, and it can be folded down when not in use.

Stellar Labs 555-13830 Heavy-Duty Keyboard Stand

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While the previous two models are x-style keyboard stands, this one is mixer-style. There is no x, but that only means you have more space underneath if you usually perform sitting down. Also, the construction of this model makes it a bit more stable and durable than x-style keyboard stands, which is why you can use it no matter how heavy your keyboard is. However, it weighs more too at almost 19 pounds.

Although this model may feel a little robust, you can still adjust height and width. However, you can change one without affecting the other because the positions are achieved differently. You can change both height and width using the pull knobs. As far as measurements go, the height can go from 23 inches to 35 inches, and the width goes from 24 inches to 40 inches.

However, you should know that this model is not foldable. While some people may find that irrelevant, you may want to reconsider if you plan on playing in different venues. The size and the fact that it weighs 19 pounds makes it not so easy to transport.

My recommendation

I would say that all three models are more than suited for whatever use you may have of them, but if I were to choose, I would go with the RockJam Xfinity Heavy-Duty Keyboard Stand. It has a heavy-duty construction, you have all those adjustment settings at your disposal, and according to online keyboard stand reviews, this is one of the best keyboard stands you can find in this price range. What is there not to love?


A high-quality keyboard stand is an essential part of your performance. It is important for you to be comfortable while you play, and your keyboard needs a stable support. One of the three models will provide precisely that, and you do not even have to spend much money on it. Click here to buy on Amazon

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